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Car Accidents

What makes an intersection unsafe?

Intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road for drivers. The convergence of traffic, combined with lots of signage and the potential for distracted drivers means these areas see a lot of accidents. Human error is enough to make driving a dangerous...

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How to drive safely in winter

It's not uncommon to experience harsh winters in Pennsylvania. Even if you're an experienced motorist, driving can be dangerous during snowy or icy conditions. That being said, you can significantly reduce your risk of being in a car crash with a few simple tips. Slow...

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How can you prevent drowsy driving?

Fatigue is a danger on the roadways. You may experience drowsiness for various reasons, including long work hours, a new baby or hanging out too late. According to the NHTSA, nearly 700 people died in 2019 due to drowsy driving. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent...

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What is inattentional blindness?

Drivers need to have a certain skill set to maintain their safety on the road. For a driver of any age or experience level, the ability to multitask ranks near the top. If you cannot do this, you risk getting into more crashes than an average driver. Thus, you should...

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