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Our experienced attorneys are devoted to helping our clients receive fair compensation after they or their loved ones have been injured.

$5,050,000.00Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accident – An 11 year old boy was struck by a speeding motorist and sustained a devastating brain injury. We successfully obtained over $5 million dollars on his behalf that was used to fund a life care plan that will provide for all of his future expenses.

$2.5 millionMotor Vehicle Accident – Our 56 year old client was 100 yards from his driveway when a traveling salesman, driving a rental car, fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the centerline, striking him in his lane of travel. He sustained devastating injuries to both of his legs and a settlement of $2.5 million was reached as he was permanently disabled from returning to the work force.

$2.15 millionWrongful Death – A 50 year old steel worker was on his way home from work when a 19 year old driver, operating a loaner vehicle crossed the center line, killing him instantly. We were able to secure payment of $2,150,000.00 for his widow.

$2 millionMotorcycle Accident – A 66 year old Marine Corp veteran was safely operating his motorcycle when a commercial box truck pulled directly into his path. After an extensive accident reconstruction and lengthy mediation, $2 million in damages was awarded to his four adult children.

$1.75 millionBucket Truck Accident – Our 65 year old client sustained severe facial lacerations, a shattered right leg, a fractured left shoulder and multiple other fractures when a bucket utility truck toppled over onto his vehicle, crushing him in the process. The case resulted in a payment of $1,750,000.00 for our client.

$1,466,977.84Tractor Trailer Accident – A 31 year old father of three was involved in a massive chain reaction crash on one of the local interstates involving in excess of 25 vehicles. After a lengthy discovery process and multiple depositions, an award of $1,466,977.84 was made to the man and his family.

$1.45 millionWrongful Death – A 20 year old college junior tragically lost her life when the driver of her vehicle improperly merged onto an interstate. Payment of $1,450,000.00 was made to her estate.

$1,100,000.00Pedestrian Accident / Workers’ Compensation – We represented the widow of a 44 year old sanitation worker that was struck and killed while doing his job. We obtained $1,100,000.00 for his widow.

$1.1 millionMotor Vehicle Accident – Our 71 year old client was working as an over the road truck driver when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction forced him off of the roadway and over a bridge abutment. Our client sustained multiple injuries including a fractured femur, fractures of his lumbar spine, a broken sternum, and facial fractures. He recovered $1.1 million for his injuries.

$960,000.00Bicycle / Motor Vehicle Accident – Our client, an avid bicyclist, was struck by a pickup truck hauling a trailer, causing him significant orthopedic injuries. We were able to obtain a $960,000.00 settlement on his behalf.

$340,000.00Dram Shop – Our 50 year old client was struck by a drunk driver who had been overserved at a restaurant that maintained dram shop insurance. The drunk driver rear-ended our client, causing her to sustain a severe arm fracture and multiple rib fractures. We obtained all of the available automobile insurance as well as an additional $300,000.00 from the dram shop carrier.

$335,000.00Hunting Accident – Our 61 year old client was part of a pheasant hunting party when another member of the group carelessly fired a shotgun causing facial injuries to our client. A $335,000.00 payment was made to our client by the shooter’s homeowners’ insurance carrier.

$90,000.00Dog Bite – Our 54 year old client was acting as a good Samaritan and was attempting to return a stray dog to its owner. As she dropped off the dog at the owner’s residence, it turned on her and bit her multiple times on her left forearm and right leg. A $90,000.00 payment was made to her on behalf of the dog’s owner.