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What are common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents?

Slip and fall injuries can occur due to a spill on a grocery store floor, uneven pavement in a parking lot or torn carpeting in a hotel, among a myriad of other causes. Some people in Pennsylvania are lucky enough to walk away from such incidents without much more than a bruised ego. However, other people suffer serious injuries in slip-and-fall accidents.

One type of slip-and-fall injury are soft tissue injuries such as sprains, torn ligaments and torn tendons. Sometimes, people do not realize they have these injuries until days or even weeks after the incident occurred.

What are some common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents?

Pennsylvanians could suffer from slip-and-fall injuries in a variety of ways. While it may seem obvious that a spill on the floor or an icy sidewalk could present a slip-and-fall hazard, slip-and-fall accidents can take place in other ways as well. For example, a person could slip on an oil slick in a parking lot or trip over torn carpeting in a hotel. No matter how they happen, however, slip-and-fall injuries can be very serious.

One type of injury a person could suffer in a slip-and-fall incident is a soft tissue injury. Because these are internal injuries, they may not be immediately apparent. In fact, it could be days after the incident occurred before a person discovers they are injured. Sprains, torn tendons and torn ligaments are all types of soft tissue injuries. They can lead to chronic pain and make a person susceptible to further injuries.

10 people who help with rehab after a brain injury

A family member suffers a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in Butler. It's a devastating event. A helicopter airlifts them from the scene and takes them to the hospital. They stay there for weeks before finally getting released.

In that time, you start reading up on TBIs and learning about the types of treatments your loved one -- maybe it's a spouse or a child -- is going to need after they come home. What you find is that long-term rehabilitation with trained professionals goes a long way toward recovery.

Don't let a Workers' Compensation opportunity pass you by

When bad things happen, many people say to look for the silver lining. Well, the silver lining when you are injured and unable to work is Workers' Compensation. Workers' Compensation is available to all workers when they are temporarily unable to work due to injury or illness. It helps to cover lost wages when injury or illness strikes a worker.

The key to obtaining Workers' Compensation benefits is understanding when they are available to you. Under state and federal law, Workers' Compensation acts as a mandatory insurance policy for employers that allows employees to bring claims of illness or injury when they are unable to work. However, these claims will not bring themselves to you, so to speak. It's something a person needs to initiate based on their need.

When is the trucking company responsible for an accident?

When a truck is involved in a collision, there are many possibilities regarding the attribution of liability. The most obvious scenario is that one or several of the parties at the scene is responsible for the collision; either the truck driver, another driver or a combination of the two. However, it is also possible that the trucking company, rather than anyone physically at the scene, was liable for the collision.

This post will discuss the situations in which it may be possible to hold the trucking company liable for a truck crash. If you have been involved in a truck crash in Pennsylvania, it is important that you understand the way that the law works before taking further action.

Are there more car accidents in the summer?

Summer is fast approaching in Pennsylvania, and you may find yourself wondering if the main danger on the roads is over. After all, it feels like winter is really the season of risk. You have ice, snow, slush and unexpected storms. Going out in your car makes you feel like you're on the edge of an accident all of the time.

The summer, on the other hand, offers you clean, dry roads and plenty of days of beautiful weather. You don't have to worry about suddenly losing control of your car or sliding into oncoming traffic.

'Logo' liability and truck accident injuries

When it comes to trucks entering the roadway, there are all sizes and types of commercial trucks. Some hauling freight, some hauling livestock, others hauling equipment or goods. Whatever the need, most things are hauled on trucks at some point in their supply chain. Some companies do hauling in-house, while others outsource to 3rd party businesses that will do the shipping and receiving for them.

This is where logo liability comes into play. Logo liability pertains to 3rd party shipping companies (such as FedEx or UPS) who use independent contractors to deliver the goods. Because they are independent contractors, they are not considered employees and, thus, are not protected or vouched for by the company itself in terms of liability. Logo liability is a way to pin liability back on the employer in cases of personal injury caused by their independent contractor.

Five injured when debris breaks through windshield

This blog has often noted the potential dangers posed to other vehicles by large trucks. Because commercial trucks are so large and heavy, any collision between a truck and a passenger car can be devastating for occupants of the smaller vehicle. However, large trucks can sometimes pose other dangers as well.

Five people were injured recently on Pennsylvania's I-476 when debris flew the windshield of their car, according to news reports. Police said the debris may have fallen off a truck traveling in the opposite direction on the interstate.

How to design a safe stairway

An unsafe stairway puts everyone at risk. Though we negotiate the stairs many times per day, you should never underestimate the danger. One slip is all that it takes. A fall can lead to a brain injury, a skull fracture, a spinal injury or even death.

If you have ever slipped on a single stair and caught yourself on the next step, you know how fast it can happen. As you stand there with your heart hammering in your chest, you think of just how badly it could have gone. It happens without warning and you could fall a significant distance on a very hard and unforgiving surface.

Car accident injuries can have long lasting repercussions

The majority of people see travel by vehicle as a safe and standard way to get around Butler. However, for those who have suffered injuries in a car accident, they know that car travel is not always safe. When a person is injured, it usually takes the victim and their family totally off-guard.

It's imperative that the victim take steps to find out just what caused the car accident and the resounding injuries. Understanding if another driver was at fault can make all the difference in collecting damages. If a driver failed to uphold a standard duty of care for others on the road and this negligence caused the car accident, this could be the basis for a personal injury suit.

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