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Know the elements of a successful personal injury claim

Every legal claim is different, and readers of this Pennsylvania-based personal injury blog are reminded that when accidents happen in their lives, they should always seek independent legal advice from attorneys that they trust. They should not rely on how other cases resolved to guess what may happen when their matters go to trial, as legal judgments and outcomes are based on facts, persuasive arguments, and other elements that are independent to unique claims.

With that said, many car accident claims follow a similar path to trial in their preparation and pleading. When a victim is hurt in a car collision, they may work with their attorney to file a lawsuit in the relevant court system. That pleading will contain certain allegations that seek to meet certain legal elements. Such a claim is often based on negligence.

Settlement may be an option for a car accident claim

Not all car accident claims that Pennsylvania residents file in the civil courts of the state will be litigated. Some will resolve before the make it to court by agreement of the parties. When individuals decide to find agreeable terms to settle their pending legal differences, the resolution may be called a settlement agreement.

Settlement agreements parallel standard contracts in their components. Generally, a settlement agreement will start with an offer, and the non-offering party will have an opportunity to accept the offer, reject the offer, or counter the offer. When an acceptable offer or counter offer is reached, a party must provide consideration for the actions of the other. When it comes to car accident settlement agreements, a victim may offer as consideration the release of all future damages claims against the responsible party in exchange for financial compensation.

Physics alone makes semitrucks so dangerous

There are many reasons why semitrucks are so dangerous on Pennsylvania's highways. For instance, researchers have studied truck driver fatigue to find out how often it causes accidents, seeing as truck drivers work full-time in this position and, just like the rest of us, may have to work while they're tired.

That said, you do not have to dig down very far to see why trucks are such a threat. The reality is that physics alone makes them far more dangerous than many other vehicle types. They're just larger and heavier than anything they'll face in a crash, and, while that can protect truck drivers, it can also mean that those other drivers and passengers face extreme risks.

Fall from bucket truck seriously injures Pennsylvania worker

A Pennsylvania man working in a bucket truck suffered injuries when the truck fell over, sending the man plummeting 40 feet to the ground. The incident took place earlier this month in Devon, Pennsylvania. The fire company reports that the incident began when the bucket truck tipped over onto electrical lines. This caused the man to fall and then become trapped under the truck.

The man was hospitalized following the incident. While his current condition has not been reported, he was reportedly placed under advanced life support care after he arrived at the hospital.

Fatal car accidents in Pennsylvania increase in 2018

It may seem like car crashes are a near-daily occurrence in Pennsylvania. Many of these accidents are mere fender-benders causing vehicular damage but leaving the occupants of the vehicles relatively unscathed. However, other car accidents are deadly affairs.

In 2018, 1,190 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. This is a 4.7% increase from the number of traffic fatalities in 2017. Specifically, there was a 34% increase in fatal pedestrian accidents in the state. Fatal car accidents involving those ages 65 to 74 also jumped from 124 in 2017 to 188 in 2018.

Floors become dangerously slippery for many reasons

Whenever you enter a commercial property, you expect a certain level of safety. You expect that the staff has your best interests in mind and that they will be careful and respectful to keep you from injury.

Unfortunately, that's not always what you get. Through neglect or deliberate inaction, the staff may leave a dangerously slippery floor open to the public. One wrong step is all it takes to find yourself falling to the ground, resulting in cuts and lacerations, bruises, head injuries, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and much more.

How safe is your car?

In the market for a new car or wondering if it's time to swap your current vehicle out for something else? One thing that you're probably thinking about is safety. Maybe you're reading reviews and crash test scores.

That's a great place to start, and it can help point you in the direction of a safe vehicle. However, it may be beneficial to simply consider the fatality statistics. When people get into accidents, how often do those crashes turn deadly, and what cars see the highest rates of deadly accidents? Those may be the cars that you want to avoid.

Where are slip and fall accidents most likely to happen?

All of us have found ourselves losing our balance, with results varying from mild embarrassment to sprains or broken bones. In some cases, a slip and fall can cause significant damage - and a property owner's negligence might be to blame. Today, we cover some of the most common places a person might sustain this type of injury in Pennsylvania and who can be held responsible.

What should you know about the causes of truck accidents?

Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles crisscross our nation's roads and highways as they transport goods across America. While they are a necessary part of commerce in our nation, it is important to note that they do present a danger to other drivers on the road.

There are certain common situations that could lead to a truck accident in Pennsylvania.

Sudden blindness: Eye injuries on the job

Blindness is a disorder that is difficult for anyone to overcome. Even those born blind have to adjust to a world in which, in many ways, sight is taken for granted. Those with degenerative diseases or blindness due to aging have time to adjust as their vision fades, though it is still difficult.

However, you could make the argument that those who encounter a sudden onset of blindness or extreme vision loss have it the hardest of all. They have to relearn many skills. They are not prepared -- mentally, physically or emotionally -- for this change. It all happens so quickly.

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