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Spring cleaning creating hazards for motorcyclists on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

As spring starts to bloom, motorcycle enthusiasts often cannot wait to hit the open road. Yet, hidden by all the excitement about warm weather, there lurks a potential danger.

Suburban neighborhoods bustle with homeowners tidying their yards. However, the debris piled along the curbsides may eventually cause motorcycle accidents. This can lead to people seeking fair compensation for their injuries.

Unwanted debris

Spring cleaning often involves clearing out clutter and trimming trees. This leads to a surplus of debris, from branches to discarded household items.

Unfortunately, these items often make their way off of curbs and onto the road where vehicles drive. Additionally, debris in the last bits of snow banks may resurface during the thaw, further contributing to the clutter on roadways.

Heightened vulnerability

Unlike drivers encased within the protective shell of a vehicle, motorcyclists are more at risk. Even minor obstacles on the road can spell disaster for those on two wheels. A stray branch or a misplaced item can cause a motorcyclist to lose control, resulting in severe injuries that someone in a car may not get.

Potential recourse

In the event of an accident caused by debris, motorcyclists may want to take action against the homeowners or property owners. Homeowners insurance would typically be the primary avenue for seeking compensation.

Proactive steps

Proactive measures are important to reduce the risks posed by spring cleaning debris. Homeowners should properly dispose of waste and check for ripped bags. Municipalities can also play a role by making timely and thorough cleanup efforts to maintain road safety.

With all the preparation for spring, people taking care of their homes and yards may miss the importance of keeping their side of the road clean. By addressing the aftermath of spring cleaning responsibly, communities can ensure safer roadways for motorcycles.


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