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Tips for staying safe when driving through construction zones

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

Throughout the summer, construction crews work tirelessly, making essential updates and repairs to Pennsylvania’s road system for commuters and other motorists. Although routine maintenance makes roads safer, it can also create potentially hazardous conditions for drivers who must take unfamiliar routes and follow unusual road configurations while traveling through construction zones.

However, drivers can take these precautions to avoid accidents when approaching road work.

Follow the speed limit

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation prohibits motorists from driving more than 11 miles per hour over a work zone’s speed limit. Drivers face a 15-day license suspension for violating the speed limit and contributing to a crash.

Maintain a safe distance

Driving through a work zone often requires motorists to follow unfamiliar routes to avoid interfering with scheduled construction and workers’ safety. As a result, drivers uncertain about what path to follow should proceed with caution to ensure they have time to react to situations arising suddenly. Drivers can avoid potential crashes by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.

Stay visible

Vehicles with inoperable head or tail lights are subject to ticketing under Pennsylvania law. The state also mandates that drivers activate their headlights when driving through construction zones, whether or not crews are actively working.

Follow instructions

Signage at construction sites can confuse or distract drivers who may make dangerous maneuvers while trying to interpret them. However, on-site construction personnel who direct traffic flow through work zones can ensure road workers’ and drivers’ safety. Drivers who ignore construction site directions and instructions risk crashes that can cause severe injuries.

Road construction and repair are essential for improving Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, but work zones can pose crash hazards leading to severe injuries. Drivers can remain safe by exercising caution and wearing seat belts when driving through construction zones.


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