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How to drive safely in winter

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

It’s not uncommon to experience harsh winters in Pennsylvania. Even if you’re an experienced motorist, driving can be dangerous during snowy or icy conditions. That being said, you can significantly reduce your risk of being in a car crash with a few simple tips.

Slow down as much as possible

Many motor vehicle accidents happen when drivers go too fast for the conditions. When it’s snowing or icy, you may need to slow down well below the posted speed limit. Driving at a safer speed gives you more time to react if something unexpected happens on the road.

Don’t drive distracted

If possible, avoid distractions while driving and don’t get behind the wheel when you’re tired. This is especially true if it has snowed recently, because that already makes the roads more dangerous. If you must get somewhere, make sure your focus can remain solely on the road ahead of you so that nothing unexpected happens.

Take care around intersections during winter weather

Intersections can be dangerous during winter weather because it’s hard to see what other vehicles are doing due to the snow and ice covering their windows. If you must drive in a whiteout or blizzard, take extra care around cross-streets, red lights, stop signs and more.

Be aware of your tires

Many car accidents happen when drivers lose control of their vehicles because the tires lose traction with the ground. Winter tires are a great investment in our part of the country. If you don’t have them, though,  try to ensure that your vehicle is in a low-enough gear to allow for easy starts and stops while driving on snow or ice-covered roads.

Try to boost your visibility

One of the best – and easiest – ways to boost your visibility while driving in winter weather is to use your car’s headlights. Consider using your high beams whenever possible, but you’ll need to watch out for other drivers and never look directly at oncoming headlights.

If you don’t want to find yourself stuck or in an accident this winter, follow these tips while driving. If you are in a crash, make sure you follow the proper steps afterward, including contacting the police and seeking medical attention promptly. Talking to a personal injury attorney can also let you explore your options if anyone was hurt because of another motorist’s poor driving.


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