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What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are You Entitled To?

Knowing the types of workers’ compensation benefits available to you is important, as employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies often skimp in order to preserve their own bottom lines. They may be more likely to do this if they think an employee is unaware of what he or she should be getting. Being aware may make you less vulnerable, or, at least you will be aware of when you need to take further action such as enlisting a lawyer.

You are entitled to much more than the initial medical treatment of the work injury. After a workplace accident, you should receive:

Medical benefits: Workers’ comp will cover all reasonable and necessary billings arising from a workplace injury. This is not limited to an initial hospital visit or the first round of treatment. Serious injuries may require many doctor visits, multiple surgeries, medication and more, all of which should be covered under workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, disagreement can occur over what is “reasonable and necessary”.

Lost earnings: Rates are defined by statute, and lost wages are calculated pursuant to a mathematical formula, and then reduced to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Accurate calculation of your average weekly wage is critical.

Physical and occupational therapy: You may be eligible for physical or occupational therapy in order to be able to return to work.

Travel expenses: If documented, workers’ compensation may also include payment for travel expenses incurred in connection with your medical treatment. In other words, you may be reimbursed for travel to and from doctor appointments.

Permanent disability/scarring benefits: If you sustain a permanent injury or visible scarring, you may also be eligible to receive a lump sum payout in addition to traditional workers’ compensation benefits.

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