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Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits was denied, you are not alone. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, the majority of initial applications are denied. Only about 25 percent of applications are accepted the first time around. Unfortunately, many people see this denial as the end of the process. They give up hope of getting benefits that they truly need due to a legitimate disability.

Do not give up. You can appeal the denied claim with the help of a lawyer. At Conlon Tarker, P.C., we are well-versed in overcoming claim denials so disabled people in Butler and throughout Western Pennsylvania can get the benefits necessary to live comfortably.

Why Was Your Claim Denied?

It is important to think about how the Social Security Administration processes disability claims. The SSA receives many claims, so staff must process them quickly. They are looking for very specific information and documentation. It needs to be presented clearly and in the correct spot. If it is not, they will deny the claim and move on to the next one.

Denials fall into two general categories: medical denials and technical denials, also known as nonmedical denials. A medical denial means that your condition did not meet the SSA’s definition of a disability. This could be the result of unclear or insufficient documentation. A technical denial means that you did not meet another aspect of the eligibility criteria such as not working long enough or recently enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Claims that are perfectly valid are often denied. In part, this is the result of the Social Security Administration having to process these claims quickly. They have many to work through, and if they do not see exactly what they are looking for, exactly the way they expect it, in exactly the correct spot, the claim may be rejected. In fact, the majority of claims are rejected at first.

You Can Appeal A Denied Claim

You have the right to appeal a denied claim. To appeal, you must file a request for a Social Security Disability hearing with an administrative law judge within 60 days of your denial. The case may progress to the SSA appeals council and even to federal court, if appropriate.

Appealing a ruling against you can be complicated and often takes months, sometimes even years, to complete. Our attorneys will provide you with an understanding of your future and the future of your appeal. Perhaps our greatest asset is the relationships we have developed in our time as a law firm. We understand that communicating with medical experts and maintaining positive interactions with people within the legal system may be the difference in the outcome of your case.

If your claim has been denied and you would like to pursue the appeals process, we can evaluate your claim for free. Call 888-312-5366 or 724-602-4317 or send us an email.