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Hazards of construction zones on roadways as summer heats up

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Car Accidents

During summer, construction begins everywhere. Workers start repairing and building roads. These construction zones change traffic patterns. They often have reduced speed limits and may alter signal lights. Drivers must navigate around construction equipment, signage, hazard cones and other objects. Construction workers are also present, adding to the risks.

At the same time, people start to travel more. This increase in traffic leads to more cars on the road during construction season.

Dangers for drivers

Drivers face many dangers in construction zones. Distractions are common. Some drivers do not obey the new speed limits or they may fail to react to the unique conditions. Construction zones narrow lanes and slow down traffic. This brings vehicles closer together, making multi-car accidents more likely.

Improperly set up construction zones add to the risk. Tools, signage and other objects may be in the way or placed incorrectly. Daily lane changes make things challenging for drivers, and missing signage that warns drivers of upcoming changes can cause unnecessary accidents.

Motorcycle riders

Motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable. They are more exposed than car drivers, and road changes can be more dangerous for them. A minor mistake can lead to severe injuries.

Vacation season

Vacation season brings more traffic. People get excited about reaching their destinations, but this excitement can lead to carelessness. Drivers might speed or ignore traffic rules. Unfortunately, some drivers pay less attention to the road than others. Their phones may distract them or they may have been drinking. Combined with construction zones, this increases the chance of accidents.

Construction zones during the summer in Pennsylvania present many hazards. Everyone on the road needs to be cautious to prevent injuries and accidents. If you are injured in a car accident in a construction zone this summer, contact us to help you defend your rights.


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