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Commercial Truck Accidents come in many forms

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents encompass a wide array of scenarios. Beyond the commonly recognized semi-trucks and 18-wheelers, numerous types of commercial vehicles occupy the road.

From utility trucks to construction vehicles, from moving trucks to garbage trucks, the list is extensive. Accidents are not confined to a specific type or size of vehicle. Any large vehicle used for business purposes carries inherent risks.

Diverse range of commercial trucks

Commercial trucks come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a distinct purpose. Plumbers, electricians and utility workers rely on specialized trucks equipped with tools and equipment. Construction vehicles dominate construction sites, hauling materials and heavy machinery. Flat-bed trucks transport oversized cargo, while dump trucks handle debris and construction waste. Even seemingly innocuous vehicles like those used by landscapers or internet service providers can experience a commercial truck accident.

Heightened risk factor

When businesses utilize larger-than-average vehicles for their operations, the likelihood of accidents increases. These vehicles often require specialized training to operate safely and navigate through traffic. Moreover, their size and weight pose significant challenges in terms of maneuverability and braking. Consequently, the margin for error diminishes, making accidents more probable.

Seeking compensation for damages

In the unfortunate event of a commercial truck accident causing injury, it is important to pursue appropriate compensation promptly. Victims may suffer physical injuries, emotional trauma and financial losses due to medical expenses and lost wages. Seeking legal assistance can help evaluate the extent of damages and facilitate the process of obtaining fair compensation.

Statistics suggest that there are over 168,000 truck accidents per year. Businesses that utilize commercial trucks must carry proper insurance, and you have every right to file a claim against those insurance policies if you sustain an injury in a trucking accident.


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