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Slip and fall hazards during autumn and winter weather

As the temperatures drop, business owners need to take additional steps to ensure that customers will be safe on their premises. Autumn and winter offer unique hazards and people need to make sure that they mitigate as many of them as possible.

Autumn is usually the beginning of more severe weather conditions. Occupational Health and Safety magazine says that sometimes there may be more rain in the autumn, making people more likely to slip and fall. Additionally, as the temperature drops at night, there may be frost on sidewalks and parking lots. There are several steps that business owners can take to keep their customers safe.

Pay close attention to the parking lot

The parking lot is one place where patrons are most likely to encounter seasonal slip and fall hazards. Business owners should make sure they go through this area regularly. Is the asphalt covered with leaves?  People should make sure they remove leaves before their customers slip on them.

People should also consider the amount of lighting in the parking lot. Many customers may frequent a business after dark. Business owners may want to use yellow paint or tape so that patrons can see where the curb ends. If any parts of the parking lot are uneven, they may want someone to fill these in.

Take precautions to avoid slips

According to Occupational Health and Safety magazine, customers may slip either inside or outside a building because of weather hazards. Floors can quickly become slippery when patrons bring rain or snow inside with them. Business owners may want to put nonslip mats at the entrances to their store so that no one slips. Additionally, they should make shoveling part of their routine once it starts to snow. If any parts of the parking lot are icy, people should salt these areas.

Even when business owners take the best precautions, people may still slip and sustain an injury. In this situation, they may want to speak to an attorney at Conlon Tarker, P.C. to discuss their options.


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