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How can pool accidents be prevented?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Now that summer is almost here, many people are opening up their home pools. Whether you have a pool on your property or live near neighbors who have one, safety is a must to prevent serious accidents involving your children.  

According to HealthyChildren.org, home pools are a common site of drowning for kids aged four and younger. That is why all pool owners must take the following precautions to prevent the unthinkable from happening.  


There is a good reason why insurance professionals refer to home swimming pools as attractive nuisances, as kids often try to gain access even when there are no adults around. A pool alarm alerts the homeowner when a person strays too close to the pool, so they can take immediate action to prevent an accident. Alarms can detect movement on the surface of the water, but they can also send out alerts in case a gate or door opens.  

Safety covers

Safety pool covers attach firmly to swimming pools to prevent kids from slipping under them. They are also sturdier than covers used to keep debris out of the pool, usually made from vinyl or plastic. For the best protection, pool owners should invest in electrically powered covers, which can secure a pool with the push of a button.  


Both in-ground and above-ground pools should have fences surrounding them. Fences should measure at least four feet high, so children cannot scale them. They should also feature locking mechanisms on any gates and have a design that prevents kids from squeezing between slats or under fencing.  

You should also consider having your child take swimming lessons, which can begin when kids are as young as one year old. Parents and pool owners are also encouraged to learn CPR, which can mean the difference between life and death in a drowning incident.  


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