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Are your headlights keeping you safe?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

Nearly half of all traffic deaths take place in dark or near-dark conditions. For drivers who want to maximize their safety on the road, headlight maintenance is of paramount importance. Failure to fix or upgrade headlights can lead to a significantly increased chance of getting into a motor vehicle collision.

Technology is improving

Newer types of headlights are limiting the risks to drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others at risk of suffering car crash injuries. Safety-forward innovations include:

  • High beam assist features that automatically turn on the high beams when there are no vehicles present in oncoming traffic
  • Curve-adaptive headlights that adjust to the direction of travel to illuminate more of the road

Safety-conscious drivers will seek out such features out when purchasing a vehicle, but many with older vehicles may be left to rely upon older technology. Even in newer models, the price of a vehicle does not necessarily correlate to the quality of the headlights. It is a safety feature that has often gone overlooked.  If you have concerns that your headlights are not keeping you and others safe, consider getting them replaced.

When poor headlights cause accidents and injuries

For those injured in car wrecks, it is important to uncover all of the factors that contributed to the accident, including faulty headlights or drivers who neglected to adjust to the increased dangers of driving at night. Pursuing a legal claim can not only help you recover compensation for your injuries but also contribute to making the roads safer for others.


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