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Knowing what causes car accidents may help prevent them

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvania residents know that car crashes are a very real possibility for anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car. No one wants to think it can happen to them, but the fact remains that an accident can happen to anyone. Many factors could make an accident more likely to occur. Knowing the different scenarios that cause accidents may make it easier to avoid getting into one.

What are some main causes of car accidents?

Distracted or inattentive drivers are one of the biggest causes of car accidents. When drivers pay attention to their cellphones, radios, podcasts or anyone in the car with them, they aren’t paying attention to the road. All it takes is a split second for an accident to happen. By putting their full attention on the road, drivers may avoid getting into accidents.

Another reason that car accidents happen is that the driver is too tired. People who have long commutes often find themselves getting very sleepy, but they just want to get home. They end up dozing off at the wheel before they even realize it. Again, all it takes is a split second for tragedy to happen. Many long-haul truck drivers also fall victim to exhaustion. Even though there are rules regarding how many hours a trucker can be on the road, many of them ignore those rules to make more money.

Alcohol and drugs play another big part in car accidents. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence can lead to devastating consequences since your senses are dulled. Simply making the decision not to drive can save your life.

What can people who’ve been involved in car accidents do to get help?

Individuals who have been in car accidents may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling personal injury cases. They may be able to help them with things like insurance, hospitalization and any legal issues that arise.


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