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Drivers run higher risk in the countryside than on city roads

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Car Accidents

In Pennsylvania, as elsewhere in the US, it often turns out that rural roads pose a greater threat to driver safety than urban roads. Rural roads have narrower lanes and shoulders, for instance, making it hard to pass a vehicle. Head-on collisions are not uncommon on these roads. Another factor is the lack of street lights, which is an obstacle for night drivers. Wildlife in the country can jump out in front of drivers, too, and cause them to lose control.

Regrettably, drivers themselves add to the danger because many are inexperienced when it comes to traveling on rural roads. Others presume that rural roads must be safer because of the fewer cars and allow themselves to become inattentive or lax in following traffic laws.

For instance, many drivers will travel down the middle of a two-lane road without thinking much of the danger. Others will speed while still others will go so far as to consume alcohol behind the wheel. Seat belt neglect is common as well in rural areas, especially among truckers. Drivers assume that their chances of being pulled over are slim.

As for those drivers who wish to remain safe, they should practice defensive driving. They should stay alert, put away all distractions, never tailgate and never assume that another driver will act safely.

Car accidents frequently occur because drivers do not take their duty of care to others on the road seriously enough. When it’s clear that negligence had a part to play in a crash, individuals who were hurt and incurred losses that weren’t covered by their insurance companies may be able to pursue a personal injury case. This can be a complicated procedure, so having legal representation is advisable. A lawyer may speak on his or her victims’ behalf during negotiations.


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