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Who can be sued after a dangerous truck accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Now that the holidays are approaching, Pennsylvanians may see more commercial trucks out on the roads. Delivery trucks may be rushing around neighborhoods to deliver packages and gifts to residents of Butler, and large cargo trucks may clog highways as they move between distribution centers and retail outlets. Trucks help move goods throughout the nation and are an important component in the stream of commerce, but they can also be hazards to other drivers when they are negligently operated and maintained.

Truck accidents harm many Americans each year, and some victims lose their lives because of collisions with large commercial vehicles. When a truck accident happens, a victim may be inclined to believe that the only party they can sue is the driver of the involved truck. However, there are other potential defendants that a victim may wish to consider before they file their personal injury pleadings with the court.

In some instances a truck may be owned by someone other than its driver. In such a case, the owner may also be included in the victim’s pleading. Similarly, if the driver and truck were hired by a company to move goods, then the hiring entity or business may carry some liability for the accident if they were responsible for putting the truck on the road at the time of the accident.

Insurance entities can sometimes be included in truck accident litigation, but as with all legal matters it is important that truck accident victims get their own counsel from attorneys who practice truck accident and personal injury law. No legal guidance was provided in this post, so readers should use this post as informative in content.


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