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Three steps to protecting one’s workers’ compensation options

| Oct 17, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an important form of support for men and women who get hurt on Pennsylvania job sites. Through this program, rather than pursuing the sometimes long and drawn out process of litigation as a way to recover damages, workers can seek compensation for their losses from their employers in a more direct and timely way. In order to protect one’s rights and options for seeking workers’ compensation after a jobsite accident, a worker may wish to undertake three important steps.

First, they should inform their employer as soon as possible of their injury. Notice is a requirement of the workers’ compensation process, and waiting to report an accident may result in a denial of the employee’s claim. Second, the worker must complete a claim form to begin the process of determining eligibility for benefits. Until a claim form is filed the worker’s employer has no obligation to provide them with financial support.

Finally, the filing of a workers’ compensation claim form must also be timely. The more time that passes between a workplace accident and its reporting, the more evidence an employer may be able to find to avoid paying out on a worker’s claim. These are only some of the steps that workers should take when preparing to file workers’ compensation claims. It worth noting, though, that this post does not provide any legal advice.

Workers’ compensation can be a complicated area of the law. This is why many individuals get help when they must prepare to file their claims. Attorneys who work in this specific field of law can guide their clients through the many steps that are required for successfully seeking benefits after suffering losses in workplace accidents.


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