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Outdoor slip-and-fall accident may indicate premises liability

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Pennsylvania residents are no strangers to the variable weather that the state can throw at them. During the summer, Butler residents may enjoy warm days and dry conditions, but as fall and winter approach the temperatures can drop and precipitation can pick up. When wet, cold, and slippery conditions develop, outdoor surfaces like stairs, sidewalks, and parking lots can become treacherous for pedestrians to cross.

It is generally the responsibility of a property owner to keep their outdoor pathways and surfaces clear of debris and hazards. In the case of a store owner, that individual may have a duty to maintain a safe means of walking from a parking area to their store when snow, ice, and sleet begin to accumulate. A property owner who neglects this duty may find themselves facing a lawsuit from a slip-and-fall accident victim.

The weather is not the only factor that can contribute to outdoor slip-and-fall incidents. Poor maintenance is another factor that can cause individuals to lose their balance, trip, slip, and fall. Cracks in sidewalks, uneven walking surfaces, oil slicks, gravel or broken roads, and many other maintenance issues can result in individuals falling and suffering serious harm as a result.

When an outdoor slip-and-fall incident happens, a victim can choose to work with a personal injury attorney who understands premises liability law. Depending upon the facts of their case, a victim may be able to recover compensation to pay for their accident-related losses, such as medical expenses and rehabilitative costs. This post does not offer legal advice to its readers but may be used by some as a starting point to learn more about slip-and-fall litigation.


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