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Fall from bucket truck seriously injures Pennsylvania worker

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

A Pennsylvania man working in a bucket truck suffered injuries when the truck fell over, sending the man plummeting 40 feet to the ground. The incident took place earlier this month in Devon, Pennsylvania. The fire company reports that the incident began when the bucket truck tipped over onto electrical lines. This caused the man to fall and then become trapped under the truck.

The man was hospitalized following the incident. While his current condition has not been reported, he was reportedly placed under advanced life support care after he arrived at the hospital.

This is a serious example of how dangerous it can be to work both at heights and around power lines. Sometimes safety precautions are not taken, and accidents occur, but workplace accidents can take place even if all safety protocols are followed. In this specific incident, it has not been reported whether the accident was due to negligence. However, even in the absence of negligence, those injured on the job may be able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be the financial lifeline a worker needs if they are injured and must take time off the job. These benefits can provide a certain percentage of the worker’s wages while the worker is recovering, and they can cover medical expenses related to the workplace injury. However, filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be complex, and this post cannot promise any specific result, as each case is unique. Those who are considering filing for workers’ compensation benefits may want to first consult with a professional on the matter to ensure they understand how to best proceed.


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