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What is distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2018 | Car Accidents

Most Pennsylvania residents have experienced distractions at some points in their lives. For example, they may have been trying to get work done at home but found that their children prevented them from focusing on their tasks. Or they may have created extensive “to do” lists for their days off but found that football or other television programming provided an enjoyable distraction from their plans for productivity.

Not all distractions are bad but all distractions do one specific thing: take people’s attention off of specific points of focus and place them onto others. Depending upon the context in which distractions happen this may or may not be dangerous. When distractions pop up in the context of a person operating a motor vehicle, the dangers are very real and pose significant threats to individuals on the roadways.

A driver may become distracted by many different stimuli. They may be distracted by their own thoughts or by their own actions. They may choose to text and drive or to read emails while they are attempting to safely operate their car. They may decide to eat a meal while driving or to undertake personal grooming tasks like applying make-up or styling their hair while behind the wheel of their car.

Distracted driving happens when a driver lets a distraction pull their focus away from the road and onto something else. Distracted drivers cause car accidents that can result in serious injuries and even deaths. Surviving a distracted driving accident may require a person to seek compensation for their losses. Attorneys who practice personal injury law can be of guidance to individuals who find themselves in need of this particular form of counsel.


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