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Car accident injuries can be diverse and extremely damaging

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

The new cars that Pennsylvania residents buy to get themselves to work and to transport their families in are built with some off the most up-to-date safety features on the market. While seat belts have long been standard in American vehicles, technologically advanced airbags, road monitoring systems and lane encroachment programs all work to keep men and women on the right and safe path while they are behind the wheel.

Due to these advances in safety technology many car accidents can be avoided or may be mitigated to incidents that individuals can walk away from. However, serious accidents can still result and when they do they can cause their victims serious pain and loss. From concussions and spinal cord damages to bleeding and broken bones, car accident injuries can be unique and very serious.

Brain trauma is a big threat to car accident victims. With so many hard surfaces on the insides of vehicles it is not uncommon for individuals to hit their heads on glass, plastic and metal that are used to build their cars. Traumatic brain injuries are therefore a risk for car accident victims.

Injuries can be inflicted on practically any part of a victim’s body. They may suffer broken ribs when their seat belt engages and prevents them from being thrown from their car, or they may suffer broken limbs if their vehicle is crushed from the impact of a crash. Because car accident injuries can be diverse and not always apparent immediately after a collision it is important that victims seek medical attention. A victim may now know that they are suffering from a specific injury and may require medical care in order to improve their health.


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