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Car accident, concussion and getting the right treatment

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Car Accidents

In the event of a car accident, there’s always a chance you could strike your head on the steering wheel, windshield or another part of your vehicle.

If this happens, it is possible to suffer a concussion. This brain injury requires immediate medical attention, as the treatment you receive can go a long way in helping you prevent long-term medical issues.

Here are some things you can expect in regard to concussion treatment:

  • Neurological exam. This is the first thing your medical team will do, as they want to get a better idea of where things stand in regard to your brain health. The evaluation can include checking your: balance, strength, vision, hearing, reflexes and coordination.
  • Imaging tests. This is the best way for your doctor to understand the extent of your injury, and to be sure that you’re only suffering from a concussion (not something more serious, such as bleeding on the brain).
  • Rest. Your doctor will suggest that you get plenty of rest during the recovery phase, as this is the best way to avoid ongoing issues. This typically means limiting certain activities, such as watching television, using the computer, driving and doing schoolwork.
  • Medication. There is nothing you can take to cure a concussion, but pain relievers, for example, can help during the recovery process.

As the days turn to weeks, you’ll be in close contact with your medical team to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to overcome all the symptoms of your concussion.

If things are going as planned, your doctor will eventually release you to once again partake in normal activity.

However, if you run into any complications, such as headaches that won’t go away, you may require additional testing and treatment.

If you are part of a motor vehicle accident, you should never assume that you can treat all your injuries at home. You may feel okay at first, but symptoms of a concussion can set in several hours after hitting your head.

Once you receive treatment, don’t wait to contact your insurance company. You should also learn more about the cause of the crash. If someone else caused the accident, you may be able to hold them responsible for your injuries and other damages.


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