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Property owners should prevent slip-and-fall hazards

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Most Pennsylvania residents have experienced the momentary fear and panic that takes over when their feet hit solid ice and their balance begins to waver. With the serious winters that Butler residents must contend with it is a miracle that more people do not fall victim to the slippery conditions that plague sidewalks, parking lots and other outdoor surfaces. However, slip-and-fall accidents happen every month of the year and not just in the winter. Often when they happen in the warmer seasons it is due to the negligence of another party.

Property owners are generally tasked with the responsibility of keeping their properties safe for the individuals that may enter into them. For example, the owner of a grocery store should know and expect for people to enter their store and buy food; since the property owner opens their doors to the public to make purchases that owner should expect that people will come. Since they have the expectation of visitors on their premises they are responsible for maintain those premises in a safe manner.

That can include keep their floors dry and free of the dangerous debris that may cause their patrons to slip and fall. If a property owner causes a danger to be present on their property or fails to remedy a danger that puts others at risk of injury then they may be liable for any harm that comes when others suffer accidents.

Individuals who slip and fall due to hazards that should not have existed may have claims against the property owners who failed to remedy the causes of the victims’ injuries. Premises liability claims may be pursued with the help of personal injury attorneys and for the benefit of individuals who have suffered harm in slip-and-fall accidents.


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