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Car crashes are often preventable, research indicates

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents are always a concern when drivers take to the roads in Pennsylvania and across the United States. There are over 6 million car crashes that take place across the country every year, and the number of collisions increased in both 2015 and 2016. These crashes not only lead to significant property damage but also major bodily injuries. This means that researchers are looking into the causes of auto accidents in order to develop more understanding about why the crashes occur and help to prevent future crashes, lowering the annual toll of injuries and fatalities.

These studies have used both detailed analyses of prior collisions as well as tracking technology to examine trends in auto accidents. Addressing the causes of car accidents can help to cut down on preventable collisions and keep pedestrians, drivers and passengers safer. One major risk on the roadway can come from the danger of rear-end accidents. This common type of accident can happen whenever people drive too closely to the car in front of them and are unable to come to a stop without hitting the vehicle. These accidents are numerous but can be easily avoided if drivers maintain a proper following distance behind the cars in front of them.

Another type of accident that is easily preventable yet frequently dangerous is caused by rolling through a red light on a right turn. This type of collision can be deadly; 6 percent of pedestrian fatalities are caused when drivers roll through a right turn without stopping. These accidents can be prevented by drivers coming to a complete stop at a red light before heading into a right turn.

People injured in a crash due to another person’s negligence or dangerous driving may be concerned about the impacts of these kind of accidents on their own lives, including medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. A personal injury lawyer can help accident victims pursue compensation for the harm done to them in a collision.


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