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Changing driving habits for Daylight Standard Time

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvania residents may be aware that Daylight Saving Time ended on Nov. 5. The upcoming months can be a particularly dangerous time for drivers because daylight hours are now shortened and wildlife will be more prominent on the roadways.

The majority of wildlife collisions occur in the month of November as this is when deer begin mating season. Deer are particularly prevalent once the sun goes down. Bears are also more out and about as they are focused on finding food and fattening up before their hibernation begins. Striking an animal can result in serious damage to the vehicle. In some cases, the accident can even cause life-threatening injuries to those in the impacted vehicle.

During this time of year, motorists should take extra precautions, especially when driving between dusk and dawn. Drivers may want to scan the road ahead, looking for movement or shining eyes. Motorists should also make sure they are obeying all traffic signs, including speed limits and wildlife warnings. If an animal is seen on or near the roads, drivers should slow down, honk the horn and flash their headlights. This can scare off the animal and warn other drivers to be cautious.

When car accidents take place, they often leave those involved with injuries that could have an impact on their ability to work or live a normal life. Even minor car accidents can result in head or back injuries. A personal injury attorney could assist with the immediate aftereffects of the accident by dealing with the legal side while the victim focuses on healing. The lawyer may work with the liable insurance company to cover medical costs and seek compensation for other damages that were sustained.


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