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Sometimes Bigger IS Better

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Car Accidents

Many Pennsylvanians prefer small cars because of their gas efficiency. While they are more fuel-efficient, smaller vehicles carry higher injury risks than do larger vehicles. People who occupy small vehicles have fatality risks that are twice as high as those who occupy larger, heavier vehicles.

Small cars are much lighter than larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks. Since they weigh less, they do not need as great of a distance to come to complete stops. Larger vehicles tend to be significantly heavier than small cars and require much greater distances to do so. When large vehicles collide with small cars, the small-car occupants are much likelier to be injured because of absorbing the forces released in the crash while the bigger vehicles are still in motion.

Small cars also do much worse in front-end crashes because they have smaller front ends, so there is less to absorb the collision forces. When a small car has a front-end collision, the forces travel into the cabs and are absorbed by the occupants’ bodies. People should take these safety factors into consideration when they are trying to decide whether to purchase a small or large vehicle.

Car accidents may happen even when people exercise caution while they drive. People who are seriously injured in collisions that were caused by others might be able to hold the drivers accountable by filing personal injury civil lawsuits against them. Victims may then be able to hold the drivers liable to pay damages for the losses that they suffered as a result of their injury accidents. Experienced personal injury lawyers may advocate for their clients to receive the maximum settlements so that they can be fairly compensated. The lawyers may be able to secure reasonable settlements without filing formal lawsuits, but they may advocate for their clients in court if doing so is necessary.


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