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Construction Zone Accident in Butler County.

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2014 | Car Accidents

We’ve all been there.  Cruising along on the Interstate when the dreaded “Right Lane Closed – 1500 feet” sign appears.  Knowing that the inevitable merge is imminent, you keep your speed and try to find exactly what car or truck you will sneak in front of right before the merge point.  1000 feet…. 500 feet…. The merge point is here; you’ve picked your spot and sneak in right before the orange barrels begin to block the right lane.

Construction zone merge points can be a stressful and dangerous situation, especially when large tractor trailers are involved.  

A potentially disastrous accident was averted on August 3rd in northeastern Butler County, when a small car attempted to merge into the left lane ahead of a construction zone, coming in contact with a tractor trailer.  Luckily, no injuries are being reported at this time.  

To ensure the safety of you, your family, other motorists and the construction workers while traveling along the highway, remember these few things as you approach a construction zone.

SLOW DOWN – remember to follow the posted construction zone speed limit and pay attention to the flow of traffic leaving sufficient space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

BE PATIENT – take your turn as you approach and proceed through a construction zone.  Do not pass any vehicle to avoid unnecessary collisions and potential fines.

GET OFF THE PHONE – under no circumstance should a cell phone be used while driving and this is especially true in a construction zone.  If necessary, wait for the construction zone to end and pull over to make any calls or texts.

If you or a loved on is faced with serious injuries arising from a construction zone accident caused by another, don’t go at it alone.  Call P.C. at 724.285.7700 for a free evaluation by our experienced accident attorneys.  We provide Performance.  Not Promises.


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