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July 2017 Archives

Visitor complaints support slip-and-fall accident claim

One element of a premises liability claim is that a property owner knew about or should have known about a dangerous condition. If this cannot be proven, a property owner may not be liable for damages. In some cases, this element proves to be the detail standing between an injured party and compensation because it is not immediately clear if the property owner had knowledge that a hazard existed.

DUI accident dangers persist for all Pennsylvania residents

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, if you venture out onto a Pennsylvania roadway, you'll likely be sharing the road with intoxicated drivers. Getting hit, seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver is a risk that everybody takes when they get on the road.

Are you driving one of the deadliest cars on the road?

Today's cars and trucks have more advanced safety features than ever before. However, there is no vehicle that is completely immune to the effects of severe collisions. In other words, there is at least some threat of catastrophic injuries for any driver involved in a serious accident.

Could a 'Grenfell Tower' fire occur here in the U.S.?

People here in Pennsylvania and around the world watched in horror last month as a high-rise apartment complex in London became a blazing inferno. All 24 stories of Grenfell Tower became engulfed in flames, resulting in dozens of known fatalities and many others still missing and presumed dead.

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