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Month: September 2014

Playground Injuries

Despite facing the risk of serious injuries, children of all ages cannot resist climbing up a rope ladder, swinging from monkey bars, and venturing on to the many amenities that playgrounds have to offer. These colorful, interactive arenas provide sensory, motor and...

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Dog bite statistics and tips

We love to love them but often times "man's best friend" can inflict a painful bite.The most common dog bite victims are children, typically ages five to nine, however, adults of all ages can be harmed by a dog bite. In the U.S. alone it is estimated that nearly 1,000...

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Labor Day accidents in Butler Co.

State Police in Butler and its surrounding counties, along with various other departments, were hard at work this Labor Day weekend keeping the streets and roads safe for motorists.  Numerous roving checkpoints were dispersed through the area to curb drinking and...

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