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Fall means new slip and fall hazards

Everyone goes about their lives daily with little regard for the common risks that change with the seasons. When fall comes around, so too do different types of slip and fall hazards that can result in painful or catastrophic injuries.

The National Safety Council reports 42,114 deaths in 2020 from falls at work or home. You can protect yourself in the autumn months by knowing what season-specific hazards to watch out for.

Earlier sunsets

Toward the end of the year, sunset comes earlier and earlier. Shorter days give way to longer nights, so it is important to take precautions as you make your way home each evening. Consider adding outdoor lighting to your property so that you and your family can enjoy the fall days for a little longer.

Slick leaves

Falling leaves can quickly clutter the sidewalks, amounting to a slipping hazard themselves or obscuring objects underneath that you might trip over. Morning dew and precipitation make matters worse by lumping piles of leaves together in slick bunches that are particularly dangerous.

Obstructive decorations

Holiday decor jutting out from personal or business properties can make sidewalks seem narrower or difficult to traverse. Some people leave Halloween decorations sitting out well into November, while others start getting into the Christmas spirit as soon as the spooky atmosphere subsides.

Remember that a slip-and-fall incident resulting from another’s negligence may entitle you to pursue compensation. If you experience a fall because your employer or any public business fails to provide ample lighting or allows clutter to build up, you likely have grounds to take legal action. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to see if you have a claim.


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