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Back-to-school safe driving tips

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Car Accidents

With the end of summer, Pennsylvania residents are getting back into their school-day routines. This process can often take some getting used to with new rules and new parents hitting the pick-up lanes. Follow these tips to ensure fewer motor vehicle accidents during the harried back-to-school season.

Stay alert

Whether in a school zone or not, staying alert and avoiding distractions like cellphone use or coffee drinking while driving is the best way to prevent auto accidents. It is essential when in the school drop-off line. Children can be unpredictable and dart out from behind vehicles or other obstructions at any moment.

Drive slowly

Driving slow helps avoid motor vehicle accidents, as you can stop faster and better control your vehicle.

Follow the school loading/unloading rules

Long school drop-off lines and parents who are late for work are an unfavorable combination. However, it is imperative that you only drop your children off where the school indicates it. Do not drop your kids off across the street to bypass the line. In doing so, you face the possibility of your children being injured or your vehicle being hit by another vehicle.

Stay clear of crosswalks

In the stop-and-go of school traffic, be sure not to stop within a crosswalk. This means that pedestrians will have to go around you and risk being hit by oncoming traffic.

Be aware of distracted pedestrians

Just as drivers can be distracted with cellphones, so can pedestrians. Watch out for kids crossing a street while staring at their phones. Additionally, be aware that kids might cross streets mid-block instead of using proper crosswalks.

School bus safety

Remain vigilant when driving behind a school bus and watch for flashing lights that indicate a stop. Additionally, keep an eye open for the same flashing lights when approaching school buses from the opposite direction, as you will have to stop when they do. Keep in mind that buses may stop at potentially hazardous intersections like railroad crossings. Always give yourself ample room when driving behind the bus and be aware of loading and unloading children from both sides of the street.

The return to school means more traffic and hazards on the road. However, by following these tips, parents and other drivers can keep students safe. If your child is injured by an inattentive driver, talk to a personal injury attorney at Conlon Tarker, P.C..


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