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Common reasons why car accident claims are denied

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

Motorists in Pennsylvania who become involved in an accident can only hope that the insurance claims process proceeds as smoothly as possible. But the unfortunate truth is that there are many reasons insurance companies give for denying insurance claims.

Unpaid premiums

It only takes one missed premium to face the possibility of a suspended policy. Many drivers learn this lesson the hard way after becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Failure to understand the policy

There are times when a claim is denied because the driver involved in an accident is unclear as to what his or her auto insurance policy covers. One example of this is when a driver files a claim for an accident when he or she only has coverage for the personal use of a vehicle.

Failure to report an incident in a timely fashion

Not reporting an accident as soon as it happens is another mistake that can lead to the denial of a claim. Drivers can find the time limit for reporting an accident by reviewing their insurance policies.

Driving under the influence

People who need one more reason to not drive after consuming alcohol or using drugs should consider that insurance companies may deny any claim filed by someone who was driving while under the influence.

Excluded driver

Drivers who are not listed on a policy are not covered. Policyholders should list the names of all the regular drivers of their cars so that this potential problem does not become an issue for them.

Fraudulent claims

Submitting false information on an insurance claim provides insurance companies with the grounds to deny the entire accident claim. It is also a crime to file a fraudulent insurance claim.

Not enough coverage

Insurance carriers may deny a motorist’s accident claim when the damages from the accident exceed the amount covered by the policy.

Individuals who become involved in motor vehicle accidents may be surprised to learn that navigating the insurance claims process is a little more complicated than they may have thought it would be. Motorists with questions regarding accident claims may find the answers they are looking for by speaking with an attorney.


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