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Who is most likely to suffer a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Dog Bites

Over the past decade, dog bites have become an increasingly greater public health concern. As a result of a bite from a dog, you or a family member could experience a debilitating injury, contract an infection or face a psychological disorder related to trauma. 

While most interactions between humans and dogs are peaceful and benign, the risk still exists. Certain factors may increase the risk that you or a family member may experience a dog attack someday. 


Compared to adults, children are at greater risk for a dog bite. Not only that, but children also tend to sustain more serious injuries as a result. Because your child’s face is at approximately the same level as a dog, that is where the animal is most likely to bite. 

Dog bites to children occur partly because of a communication problem. Dogs may not understand that your child’s overtures are friendly. At the same time, your child may not interpret a dog’s behavior as fearful or aggressive. 


If you are a man, you are at greater risk for a dog bite than a woman. The reason for this statistic is not entirely clear. 

Dog owners

Statistics show that having a dog in the home increases the risk that you or a member of your family could receive a dog bite. The risk increases the more dogs you have in the home. Most people who receive dog bites were familiar with the animal that did it. The dog was either a family pet or that of a friend or neighbor. 

Even if your family does not own dogs, it is almost impossible to avoid coming in contact with them from time to time. Therefore, everyone is at some risk for a dog bite, even though it may be greater under certain circumstances. 


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