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How can nurses protect themselves from hazards?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Nurses in Pennsylvania find themselves dealing with multitudes of hazards on the job. For example, lifting a patient could lead to an injury that requires significant time away from work. Perhaps asking for assistance or using a lifting device in such a situation would be more advisable. Nurses do need to be aware of safer practices to avoid suffering a regrettable mishap.

Practicing extreme care when handling sharp objects is wise. Getting pierced by a hypodermic needle remains a possibility. So being alert when handling anything capable of cutting or puncturing makes sense. Sadly, some patients may pose a safety risk. They could become violent or belligerent. Asking for assistance when a patient makes threats or acts dangerously could prevent a regrettable situation.

Premise hazards are also present

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere. Hospitals and health care facilities do rank as places where someone could suffer a regrettable fall. Clutter and strewn objects may create hazards. Be on the lookout for them as even small hazards may lead to tripping.

Nurses should not overlook habits like consistently washing their hands. A health care facility could be home to all kinds of germs. Frequent washing with the proper hand sanitizer could eliminate germs and, potentially, take some sickness risks away.

Getting a flu shot should be a top priority. Never miss a shot as working around sick people could put you at significant risk for getting the flu. A sick nurse could also pass the flu to patients, which isn’t beneficial. Getting other vaccine shots seems prudent. Why take risks with hepatitis and other harmful viruses? Some virus infections could have severe consequences.

Nurses need to take steps to avoid injury risks. If hurt, seeking workers’ compensation payments might be an option. An attorney could help with filing or appealing a claim.


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