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How businesses can prevent a slip and fall lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Business owners in Pennsylvania are expected to maintain a safe area for employees, customers and clients, and some of the things they must guard against are slip and fall accidents. Below are seven ways that they can lower the chances of such an accident occurring.

It all begins with regular inspections where the supervisors or other employees look for any potential hazards like wet floors, torn carpeting, cracked pavement and debris. Stairwells should be well-lit, and the railings should not be loose. All walkways should be slip-resistant; it’s especially good to check on them after it has rained or snowed.

Second, those who detect a hazard and address it correctly should document what they did. This documentation will show that business owners are being responsible and help prevent a lawsuit from arising. Owners should also set up warning signs around hazards that cannot be fixed right away. Fourth, they could install surveillance cameras to check for other risks and to prevent false claims.

Should there be a slip and fall, owners are to file an incident report, photograph the area where it happened and write down any eyewitness testimonies. The last two steps are to notify the insurance company and to follow up with the victim, never showing indifference to that person’s condition but also not admitting fault.

If business owners fail to take the proper steps to maintain a safe environment, then those who are injured in a slip and fall incident may have grounds for a claim. Filing a claim will require knowledge of premises liability law, so victims may want to talk with an attorney before anything else. The attorney may help gather evidence against the owner and take on all negotiations for a reasonable settlement.


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