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Poor driving in bad weather can result in serious injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

Fall has arrived in Pennsylvania and with it cooler temperatures. Though children have yet to don their costumes and head out for trick-or-treating on Halloween, some residents may be looking ahead to more serious and sinister weather on the horizon. Snow, ice, sleet, and rain are all dangers that Pennsylvanians have to put up with when the winter months come at the end of the year.

The weather can impact many activities and events. In particular, bad weather can change the way that drivers approach operating their motor vehicles. This post will offer some insights into how the weather may alter driving conditions for individuals, but it does not provide driving recommendations or legal advice to its readers. No legal advice should be derived from the contents of this post.

Winter weather can make roads slippery, limit visibility, and give rise to conditions dangerous. Drivers may need to increase their stopping distance to ensure that they do not slide into vehicles in front of them, and they may need to slow down to account for their inability to see far ahead into the roads. Drivers who move fast, fail to look out for others, and choose not to adapt to the conditions around them may cause serious accidents that result in painful injuries to victims.

Car accidents are common during the winter because drivers do not take the time needed to operate their vehicles with the requisite care needed to be safe. When winter weather car accidents happen, victims can solicit the help of personal injury attorneys. Their lawyers can advise them of how to protect their rights, pursue their damages, and make themselves whole in the wake of their losses.


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