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Two-car crash required one driver be extracted from their vehicle

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

Winter conditions can put drivers more at risk for car-accident injury. However, winter conditions have not yet been ruled a factor in a two-vehicle Adams Township accident that happened recently. The two vehicles collided at an intersection, sending one driver to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Police are investigating the crash and have shared a few bits of information.

Intersections, by definition, are a place in which vehicles meet, or come together. This makes them a hotspot for car accident incidents. According to reports, one vehicle was traveling west on Route 228, while the other was making a left turn from Warrendale Road onto Route 228. Authorities report that one vehicle may have run a red light, causing the vehicles to collide. A silver sedan flipped over as a result of the collision. This made it nearly impossible to extract the man from the vehicle. A medical helicopter was called in to rush him to a nearby hospital to treat his serious injuries sustained in the crash. It isn’t yet known which vehicle ran the red light, the other driver managed to walk away with just a headache.

Oftentimes, the vehicle making the left-hand turn is the vehicle at majority of fault for car accident injuries. However, since it’s being reported that a vehicle ran a red light, it could actually be the vehicle traveling straight that was in the wrong. A full investigation can help to shed light on this and the injured could potentially collect for negligence on behalf of the other driver.


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