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You may have rights to compensation after a fall

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2018 | Slip-and-fall Accidents

Not every Pennsylvania resident is gifted with great balance and coordination. Some people just seem to be more prone to tripping and falling than others. While it is true that not everyone is born with the same level of dexterity it is true that not all slips and falls are the victims’ faults.

Trips, slips, and falls are serious incidents that can cause significant and permanent injuries. When they happen in someone’s own home it may be the fault of that person for any harm that they suffer. However, when they happen outside of the victims’ homes in public spaces or on the property of others then they may have rights to seek their damages from their incident-related injuries.

Businesses are supposed to keep their premises safe for patrons so that those who visit them are able to safely buy goods and conduct their business on the premises. When wet floors, slippery sidewalks and obstructed aisles cause patrons to fall and suffer harm those businesses may be liable for the victims’ losses.

Private property owners can be held to similar standards when they invite friends over to visit them. If they cannot provide their guests with safe accommodations and those guests suffer slip-and-fall accidents then the property owners may be sued for the harm they caused.

Clumsiness may not always be the cause of a person’s fall-based injuries. Deficiencies in a property owner’s maintenance of their premises can lead to serious trips and slips. , attorney at law, is available to provide counsel to victims of these often preventable personal injury accidents.


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