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Car crash risks can rise in the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Car Accidents

Drivers in Pennsylvania can face some increased risks as autumn approaches. Drivers and passengers on the roadways can experience escalated and unique dangers in the fall season, including adverse weather conditions and changing routines.

Indeed, weather in the fall can vary widely, so a day that starts out sunny could easily have a rainy close. As the days get shorter, an increasing number of people are also commuting in dusky or even dark conditions, a major change from summer’s lengthy daylight periods. Traffic can also increase, especially as back-to-school driving begins. Early morning hours can coincide with school drop-offs, while afternoon hours can become much busier as school buses and parental rides fill the streets.

In addition, while the falling leaves and changing colors can be a famous harbinger of the season, they can also pose a hazard to drivers. Falling leaves can make streets slick or even cover roadway markings. Leaves can be a particular danger when it rains heavily as they become a slippery surface on the ground. Growing rainfall itself can also escalate the roadway risks, especially in the early days of fall when water can pool over undisturbed dust and oil.

Other weather-related autumn driving dangers include fog and frost. As the temperatures get colder, morning frost can help create icy patches on the road, even when the day will later warm them away. These same cold mornings can also experience fog, especially in low-lying places surrounded by water. Fog can cut visibility dramatically, leading to increased car crashes.

Whatever the season of the year, car accidents can lead to serious personal injuries for drivers and passengers. Many auto crashes are caused by drunk or distracted drivers, and bad weather conditions only exacerbate the dangers. People who have been injured due to a collision through no fault of their own can consult a personal injury lawyer to find out how they can seek compensation for their lost wages, medical bills and related damages.


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