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Survey finds high risk of slip and falls at businesses

Some Pennsylvania businesses may be putting customers at high risk for slip and fall accidents. According to a report by the organization New Pig, an authority on spills, drips and leaks, companies tend to underestimate or be unaware of these hazards. The company produced its Walk Zone Safety Report after surveying professionals across many industries.

New Pig pointed out that data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows same-level slip and fall accidents are the most common workplace injuries. In 2015, there were almost 200,000 injuries of this nature. According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, in 2016, these falls cost nearly $11 billion in medical costs and workers' compensation.

Do you know why dogs bite or attack?

There is no denying the fact that dog is man's best friend. However, there's something you need to know: Dogs are known to bite and attack people every now and again.

It's important that you understand why dogs bite or attack, as this will help you avoid a serious situation that can lead to injury or even death.

Advanced auto safety features save lives

Pennsylvania residents who have lane departure warning systems or other advanced safety features in their cars may be less likely to get into accidents. They may also be less likely to get hurt in a crash, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The study looked at 5,000 crashes that such systems were designed to prevent.

It was determined that there was an 11 percent drop in single-vehicle, head-on and sideswipe accidents in cars that had such features. These are the types of crashes that they are designed to prevent. There was also a 21 percent drop in the number of crashes that resulted in injury. According to the IIHS, there would have been 55,000 fewer crash injuries in 2015 had all vehicles been equipped with a lane departure warning system.

The future of driverless cars in Pennsylvania

Driverless cars have taken the public's imagination by storm. It seems like almost everyday that there is a new story that highlights the future for this new technology. Some of the world's richest and well-known companies are investing a great deal of money on autonomous vehicles.

One analyst predicted a road full of self-driving cars in as soon as 20 years. Car manufacturers and taxi services are preparing themselves for this future. Uber says its entire fleet will be autonomous by 2030. There are indications, however, that driverless cars may not be as close on the horizon as some believe. All this hype and anticipation is not unlike what was said of electric cars not too long ago and many of the predictions regarding the adoption of electric cars turned out to be vastly premature. Electric cars are still too limited and too expensive. While people are definitely intrigued by self-driving cars, many are also skeptical.

Sleep apnea rule for truckers is withdrawn

A notice was issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that stated the rule for establishing sleep apnea criteria for commercial truckers would be withdrawn. This means that truckers in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States will still be governed by the existing, confusing policy for determining if drivers should be tested for sleep apnea.

The rule was intended to provide clarity for carrier employers, medical examiners and truckers regarding the criteria that would require that a driver be compelled to have in-lab apnea testing and the criteria that would determine treatment procedures. The existing system that is in place gives medical examiners the authority to decide whether a trucker should undergo testing for sleep apnea.

How dangerous is distracted driving for teen drivers?

Students in Butler and surrounding counties are enjoying the last gasps of summer before facing the challenges of another school year. As many of them are newly-minted Pennsylvania drivers — and still others will be climbing in to the school systems' Driver's Ed vehicles for a semester of hands-on instruction — it's a good time to focus on the problem of distracted driving by teens.

It's more than texting

How confidence can negatively affect teen drivers

Being a teenager often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of confidence. Teens are often unsure of who they are, what they want to do and where they fit in. It can be a painful or uncomfortable position to be in, to be sure.

However, one area where teens may be far more confident than perhaps they should be is behind the wheel. According to a recent report, roughly 75 percent of teen drivers say they feel confident about their driving. Unfortunately, this confidence may not necessarily be helping them.

Report: older riders involved in more fatal motorcycle accidents

There is a stereotype that motorcyclists are all men with tattoos, long hair and a reckless lifestyle. However, the fact is that there is not just one type of motorcyclist. They come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

The same goes for motorcycle accidents, unfortunately. Any rider can be injured or killed in a crash; no one is immune to the risks of riding. That being said, there are certain riders who are more likely to be involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Visitor complaints support slip-and-fall accident claim

One element of a premises liability claim is that a property owner knew about or should have known about a dangerous condition. If this cannot be proven, a property owner may not be liable for damages. In some cases, this element proves to be the detail standing between an injured party and compensation because it is not immediately clear if the property owner had knowledge that a hazard existed.

In other cases, though, it can be very easy to show that a property owner knew about a safety issue. Just contact the people who complained about it. This is what happened in one case involving a woman who slipped on a rug that multiple people had complained about.

Cargo can be catastrophic in the event of a truck crash

Commercial-sized vehicles pose a serious threat to others if they are involved in a collision. Their size and weight makes them capable of doing massive amounts of damage, even in low-speed crashes with indirect contact.

The cargo these trucks transport can also be a danger to others in the event of a crash. Recently, for instance, cargo contributed to a deadly accident in another state when it exploded after a collision.

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