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Motorcyclists at high risk of lower-extremity injuries

Too many people make the mistake of thinking only of brain and spinal cord injuries when it comes to the severe physical damage done in a motorcycle crash. However, injuries of any kind after a motorcycle crash have the potential to be severe and life changing.

As noted in this report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, injuries affecting a rider's lower extremities are suffered in nearly half of all motorcycle accidents in which severe injuries occurred. About 47 percent of riders suffered lower extremity injuries, followed by 40 percent with upper extremity injuries and 35 percent with head injuries.

What are hours of service for truck drivers

If you're traveling on major roads, freeways or highways, chances are good that you'll encounter a number of commercial trucks. From tanker trucks full of gasoline or milk to eighteen-wheelers loaded with lumber, there are thousands of commercial vehicles on Pennsylvania roads at any given time. While these vehicles and their drivers help keep our stores stocked and products relatively inexpensive, they also represent a serious threat to other drivers on the road. When a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial vehicle, the people in the passenger vehicle are more likely to end up seriously hurt.

Just like with any other driver on the road, commercial truck drivers make mistakes. They drive when they're tired or not feeling well. They can get distracted by anything from people in another vehicle to their cellphones. It's also possible that medical conditions, like sleep apnea, could contribute to unsafe driving. Exhaustion or fatigued driving is commonly associated with major crashes, so the federal government has put restrictions in place to keep the roads safer. These rules, called hours of service regulations, help prevent crashes caused by drivers who are tired or fatigued from continuing to drive.

Pennsylvania parents beware: dog bites increase in summer

Pennsylvania parents know that summer is an exciting time for any kid. Between the break from school, family vacations and days spent running around with friends, there is a lot for kids to do over the next few months.

There is a lot for parents to do as well, especially when it comes to keeping their kids safe. For instance, did you know that, according to researchers, children are at the highest risk of being bitten by a dog during the summer? While we certainly hope no child is ever bit by a dog, it is important to be prepared and remember some basic safety tips regarding kids and dog bites.

Why do some premises liability claims fail?

If you have been injured as a result of a dangerous condition on someone else's property, you could very well have grounds to take legal action pursuing compensation for your damages.

However, these cases can be complex and without proper preparation and understanding of premises liability and negligence laws in Pennsylvania, you could be unsuccessful in your legal efforts. With this in mind, below are four common legal defenses that could derail a premises liability claim.

Getting answers after a serious crash: complicated, but critical

When parents send their kids to camp, school or extracurricular activities on a school bus, the expectation is that they will get from point A to point B safely. Tragically, this doesn't always happen.

Recently, for instance, 14 students were injured when the bus in which they were riding flipped over. The bus was hit by a vehicle escorting a tractor-trailer, which had been hit by another vehicle. Thankfully, no one was killed in the accident, but it will likely take quite some time for the injured victims and their families to get answers.

Parents: prepare your teens for '100 deadliest days' of driving

Parenting teenagers is no easy task. Young people are walking a fine line between childhood and adult life; parents walk a fine line between enforcing the rules and letting a teen make -- and learn from -- their own mistakes.

However, you don't need to let your teen make the mistake of causing a fatal car accident. This is a good time to remind teenagers about the consequences of dangerous driving, as Memorial Day kicks off what are referred to as, "The 100 deadliest days" of driving.

3 reasons why you need to act fast after a slip-and-fall accident

A slip-and-fall accident often happens in the blink of an eye. However, recovering from the damages suffered in these accidents typically takes much, much longer. Because of this, it can be tempting to put off exploring your legal options until you have completely healed from the accident. 

Unfortunately, you could be making the situation worse by waiting too long. In fact, there are three reasons why it can be best to take action sooner, rather than later. 

Dog bites and liability claims

Dog bites can have very serious consequences. They can often happen when you least expect it. Many times, the bite comes from a neighbor's dog or a friend's pooch. While most people have mixed feelings about reporting a bite from a dog they know for fear of putting a friend in a financial bind, it is important to remember that insurance companies usually pick up the tab.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, you should not have to pay high medical bills that resulted from the injury. Since dealing with insurance companies can be very difficult, you may want to consider seeking legal counsel. An experienced injury attorney in the Butler area can help you file a dog bite claim. Read further to find out more how damages are handled after a dog bite.

Motorcycle accidents, wrongful death claims often go hand in hand

There are some types of accidents that are almost certainly going to end with catastrophic injuries. These include collisions at high speeds or involving vehicles of very different sizes.

This is why some of the most devastating accidents on the road occur when a car or truck strikes a motorcyclist on the highway. Not only is the motorcyclist likely to suffer the brunt of the damage because he or she is on the smaller vehicle, but the damage is more likely to be fatal because he or she is less protected. In the event of a fatal motorcycle crash, loved ones may be in a position to file a wrongful death claim. 

3 reasons not to deal with insurance adjusters alone

If you were recently in a crash, you probably are dealing with painful injuries, serious damage to your vehicle and a lot of unanswered questions. In these situations, it can feel natural to rehash every detail of the crash to whoever asks as a way to work through the situation yourself.

However, you may not want to do this to the insurance adjuster who calls you in the hours after your crash. This can work against you and any legal claim you may decide to file for a few reasons.

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