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Driver's education classes save teen lives

The leading cause of death for teenagers is motor vehicle accidents. Driver's education classes are a proven resource to reduce the risk of teen motor vehicle accidents and also significantly reduce the likelihood that a teen driver will receive a traffic ticket. These classes were once a part of the curriculum in many public schools but educational budget cuts have forced some school districts to reduce or even eliminate these valuable classes. Fortunately, there are qualified private instructors available for hire in most communities. These classes provide the basic foundation to insure that a new driver understands the basic skills required to operate a motor vehicle. The cost of these private classes is usually offset by the discounted insurance rate that many insurance carriers offer to teens who have completed such formal training. In addition, studies show that teens respond better to instruction offered by a professional driver's education teacher than they do to the very same instructions offered by a parent or other family member. Teenagers who do not take these formal classes are more likely to speed, tailgate, drink and drive, text and drive and succumb to passenger distraction. In addition, a recent high school survey showed that almost 10% of students who did not take the classes admitted they never wear a seatbelt while driving a motor vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website provides parents with an excellent resource to educate themselves about the potential perils of teen driving. If you have a child who is eagerly anticipating getting their learner's permit, please take the time to explore the availability of professional driver's education classes in your community.

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