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Injured Passengers May Get Compensation Too

People who have been injured while they were passengers in a vehicle may be confused about their rights regarding compensation.

The good news for people in this situation is that in many cases they can claim compensation for medical costs and lost wages, as well as for their pain and suffering. In fact, there may be multiple sources of compensation — including your own health insurance, your uninsured or underinsured motorists policy, the insurance of the driver of the vehicle you were in, and the insurance of the other driver.

At Conlon Tarker, P.C., we are experienced personal injury attorneys with a record of success in cases involving car accidents, truck accidents and other acts of negligence. We understand the law regarding compensability for passenger injuries, and work to maximize compensation for our client in every case we handle.

Contact us for a free initial consultation. Conlon Tarker, P.C., will work to maximize the compensation you receive from all sources.

Advocates for Injured People

Our firm handles cases involving all types of passenger injuries, but with a special emphasis on very serious injuries, such as brain injury and spinal cord injury. We also represent families of victims of wrongful death.

Conlon Tarker, P.C., will work to build a strong and successful case for you. We want to help you get the medical care and compensation you need to rebuild your life.

Act Quickly to Preserve Your Rights

Following an accident, it is critical to preserve evidence. If you or a loved one has been in a vehicle accident, contact our firm today.

In a free initial consultation, a lawyer at our firm can review your case and discuss your legal options. If you choose us to represent you, we will begin the legal effort immediately. We will document your injuries and financial losses. We will identify the insurance and liability issues in your case. And we will work tenaciously to help you obtain medical care and maximum compensation.

At Conlon Tarker, P.C., we believe in performance, not promises. If you require experienced legal assistance in getting compensation for injuries suffered as a passenger in a vehicle, contact our firm today. We offer free initial consultations and do not collect attorney fees unless you are compensated for your injuries.